Meuse-Argonne offensive


We know that the 604th engineers participate in the important battle and are believed to have been on the front line.

A major battle of World War I. It was the biggest operation and victory of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in that war. Took place in the Verdun Sector, immediately north and northwest of the town of Verdun between September 26 - November 11, 1918. The Allied offensive, led by U.S. general John Pershing, attacked and destroyed the German defenses in the heavily fortified Argonne Forest along the Meuse River in France.

U.S. Forces consisted of the U.S. First Army commanded by General John J. Pershing until October 16th and then by Lt. General Hunter Liggett. The logistics were planned and directed by Col. George Marshall. German forces consisted of approximately forty German divisions.


26,277 AEF troops were killed and 95,786 were wounded.

604th Artillery (photo left)

Caption says " going into action "



Here is a link for a wonderful map that shows the V corps ( part of 1st Army) position on September 26, 1918.

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