604th Engineer Regiment




       The 604th trained in Camp Glenburnie,  MD




       Trained at Camp Leach, MD CAMP AMERICAN UNIVERSITY.  (Also known as Camp Leach) Temporary Camp.  Established, 1917 for the organization of engineer units) photo right ->



       RMS Carmania  New York- Liverpool, England

       Camp Knotty Ash -

     Liverpool, England

     (Read some accounts of the trip over and Camp Knotty Ash)


       Landed La Harvre France (604th landing at le Havre-photo right)


       Headquartered at Lavigney, France


       Hill 297 near Voquoise, France ( lost village )


         Verdun, France


         Florent, France


         Montigney Le Roi, France


       USS New Hampshire and back home




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