U. S. ARMY #101, "GENERAL PERSHING", 2-8-0 Consolidation type

No. 101 is the sole survivor of 150 2-8-0 locomotives built by Baldwin for the War Dept. during W.W.I. They originally had French-style cabs and couplers for use in that country. The other 149 went to France and are lost to history. This engine remained in the States switching cars around Army depots until 1947. At that time, it was sent to Korea as part of our effort to help rebuild that country after W.W.II. It was donated to The National Railroad Museum by Sygman Rhee, President of South Korea in 1959.



US Army One Lucky Locomotive-Rail Lines magazine article

The Last Pershing-history of the # 101 written by Lt. Col George Simpson

     U.S. Army Locomotive,         The General Pershing, No.101    Fact Sheets #1 and #2

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Press release gift from Korea1959


The #101 Locomotive in the 765th

Pusan Back Shop

Pusan, Korea


Photo thanks to Gene Colby


           765th ROB and 3rd TRMS

           Yong Dong Po Locomotive Shop


           Photo thanks to Gene Colby




National Railroad Museum

Pershing Steam Locomotive No. 765 (ex-6779).

Message: 65080 - Charles Schuetz wrote on 2002-06-25 17:17:15,
Comments: The National Railroad Museum, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has in its collection of rolling stock a Pershing-class steam locomotive currently numbered 101, but was numbered in the past 765 and 6779. Some of you may be familiar with this particular locomotive as it was out-shopped in Pusan by members of the 765th Railway Shop Battalion and renumbered to honor their unit. Our museum plans to honor members of the Military Railway Service who served in Korea with an exhibit detailing the experiences of soldiers serving in the M.R.S. as well as a complete history of this particular Pershing locomotive. If anybody has knowledge of this locomotive or served with the 765th and helped restore the locomotive, I'd be very interested in hearing from you. Any type of information relating to its history or the history of the unit and members is welcome as well as any photographs and documents. Please feel free to contact me either by telephone or via e-mail. Thank you to all of you who served, and know that you are not forgotten.
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