William M. Griffin

William M. (Bill)  Griffin was born June 17,1914 in Chicago, Illinois,  the son of William Lawrence Griffin and Lu Lu Ryerson Griffin. He grew up on  in Chicago and attended Bowen High School. He worked as a railroad machinist for the Illinois Central Railroad from 1932-1941. Shortly after Pearl Harbor the railroad companies began forming Railway Operating Battalions to aid in the war effort. Bill Griffin enlisted as  1st Lt Engine House Foreman in the newly formed 743rd and this began the 20 year span of service in the US Army with Railway Operating Battalions and Military Rail Services Units. He also served in the 3rd T.M.R.S. , 765th during the Korean War and then the 8010th in Japan from 1952-1954. His brother Lt Col Lawrence B. Griffin also served in the U.S. Army.

William Griffin married Lorraine Smith Kircher in 1952 in Chicago, IL and they are my parents. My father is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery St Louis, MO.

 Officers of 743 R.O.B.
Backrow L to R- Unk., Lt Allen, LT. Robertson, Lt. Simmons, Lt Gould, Lt Stephenson, Lt Carter, Lt Harrington, Mr. Bull
Middle row L to R- Lt Gard, Lt Marsallis, Lt Wiliam M.Griffin, Lt Skinner, Lt Lyons, Lt Stansberry, Chaplain Meske
Bottom Row L- R -Capt Stromen, Capt Donovan, Capt Shelton, Major Orvett(?), Col Beach, Capt Reist, Capt. Mueller, Lt Sisson, Lt O. Harm

Above photo thanks to Lori Stephenson-Lori's 743rd site




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