Military Railway Units 


U.S. Army railway units that served in World War II and the Korean War.

My father served in 2 such units in WWII and Korea and I am very interested in preserving the history of these units. I have collected some of my research on these units here.These include : Railway Operating Battalions , Railway Shop Battalions and Transportation Rail Shop Battalion groups on the web .....I'd love to hear from you if you are connected to any of these groups......

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World War II Units web pages / unit histories / photos
712th Railway Operating Battalion  A History of the 712th Railway Operating Battalion



713th Railway Operating Battalion

The Santa Fe Battalion in World War II / editor, Louis L. Russell ; battalion historian, Loren W. Richter

History of Company A, 713th Ry. Op. Bn. / compiled by The Officers and Men of the Company.

** I own a copy

webpage - Hispanics in Americas Defense


714th Railway Operating Battalion


714th Railway Operating Battalion.



716th Railway Operating Battalion The Soldier-railroaders’ story of the 716th Railway Operating Battalion / 

** I own 2 copies

soldiers article


717th Railway Operating Battalion


web page


718th Railway Operating Battalion United States. Army. Railway Operating Battalion, 718th. -The 718th began as the 53rd Engineer Railway Operating Battalion, organized at Camp Dix, new Jersey in 1918. Though the battalion served in Europe during the war, they did not participate in any combat. The 53rd was redesignated the 718th Railway Operating Battalion, transportation Corps on 1 December 1941 and was activated on 14 December, 1943. The New York Central Company was the "parent railroad" which sponsored this unit.

** i own a copy

Making a Memory: The war letters of William Chase, 1943-1945


719th Railway Operating Battalion ** see 755th below

721st Railway Operating Battalion Article by Edward Venter, pt II / John C. Skrentny's Diary 721st Railway Company C's trip home from India 1945 -thanks Pat

722nd Railway Operating Battalion 722nd Railway Operating Battalion Company "B "history

723rd Railway Operating Battalion                                                                                           


web page


724th Railway Operating Battalion 724th Railway Operating Battalion Division, timetable no. 2, 

725th Railway Operating Battalion Article by Dave Kaufman also HERE and the unit is featured in a US War Dept film here

726th Railway Operating Battalion



United States. Army. Railway Operating Battalion, 726th.

**I own a copy




727th Railway Operating Battalion

United States. Army. Railway Operating Battalion, 727th.

Well done!  Unit history of the 727th

The 727th ROB in World War II ** I own a copy

Sicily operations / Roster

Ken Sanford photos /photo key


728th Railway Operating Battalion John E. Wadsworth photograph collection. (photos)

web page


732nd Railway Operating Battalion article

733rd Railway Operating Battalion


See the web page


740th Railway Operating Battalion



740th Railway Operating Battalion / John Livingstone.

** i own copy



743rd Railway Operating Battalion


See the web page 



744th Railway Operating Battalion


Unit History

The 744th Railway Operating Battalion, memories from World War II / Louise Greenfield.

George Goetzelman Website


745th Railway Operating Battalion

Robert Walker photograph collection. (photos)

History of the Battalion


746th Railway Operating Battalion Never to forget : an informal history of Company D 746 R.O.B.

746th Railway Operating Battalion, 1944-1946.

** i own a copy


748th Railway Operating Battalion  Unit History by Dave Kaufman also HERE

749th Railway Operating Battalion information and photos  1945 Company "B" Roster : pg 1, pg 2 , pg 3, pg 4





752nd Railway Operating Battalion

The History of Company "C" published in Germany 1945

** I own a copy

Newsletter " No Compree" 12th edition June 23, 1945

page one,  / page two, /  page three, / page four


Charles Barney photos from WWII 752 and other RR Units (thanks Charles) HERE


753rd Railway Shop Battalion 753rd Railway Shop Battalion and Company C / researched by Marlene Reckling Murty.

Camp Millard webpage


755th Railway Shop Battalion The Ralph A. Kendall papers, 1942-1946. 719th Railway Operating Battalion, Medical Detachment (1942) and Co. A, 758th Railway Shop Battalion (1943). Promoted to T/4 in 755th Railway Shop Battalion (1944).

758th Railway Shop Battalion **see 755

Article by Andy Brydon\ article by David Kaufman also here


759th Railway Operating Battalion 759th Railway Operating Battalion, World War II.

760th Railway Diesel Shop Battalion ** I own a 2nd anniversary booklet that includes rosters

762nd Railway Diesel Shop Battalion



"A Railroader Goes To War" The World War II Diary of PFC Herbert Bernard Ragsdale


763rd Railway Shop Battalion


763rd Railway Shop Battalion: a history of two years of activation

photos and unit history HERE


770th Railway Operating Battalion  University of Alaska collection The 770th Railway Operating Battalion was organized in New Mexico in September, 1942, as Engineer Railway Detachment 9646A. In April, 1943, it was redesignated as the 770th Railway Operating Battalion. The unit operated the narrow gauge White Pass and Yukon Railway from October 1, 1942 to October 22, 1944 after which it left Alaska.

3rd TMRS Japan 1946-1950 article by David Kaufman

Korean War Units

712th Transportation Bn Railway Operations  

714th Transportation Bn Railway Operations  

724th Transportation Bn Railway Operations


Check out some photos


764th Transportation Railway Shop Bn  

765th Transportation Railway Shop Bn Reunion Group : reunions, photos and newsletters

Letter from Korea J.W. Benjamin from Railroad Magazine July 1952 pg 10 and page 12

Insignia page

Books and publications  
American "rails" in eight countries : the story of 1st Military Railway Service, Transportation Corps. Includes references to the following units: 759th Railway Operation Battalion and Company A of the 713th, 715th, 719th, 727th, and 759th Railway Operating Battalions.

America's Fighting Railroads: A World War II Pictorial History by D Dellevi

This magnificent memoir is filled with photographs of various types of locomotives hauling military movements and wartime freight in the US, plus passenger trains turned troop carriers
Military Railways 1917 web page and pdf
Railroading in Eighteen Countries by Carl R. Gray Jr.



**I own a copy

Railroads at War by S. Kip Farrington Jr.



**I own a copy

Operation, organization, supply, and services of the Transportation Corps in the European Theater of Operations / the General Board, United States Forces, European Theater.  
United States Military Railway Service: America's Soldier-Railroaders in WWII by Don DeNevi A story of true heroism. America's 44,000 soldier-railroaders kept vast numbers of troops and essential supplies moving through war-torn Europe.
Railroaders always welcome sheet music 1945  here

The Yankee Boomer Military Rail Service :Army Railroader newsletter 1945 Volume 2 No.33 -- May 17th, 1945 : page one, page two, page three, page four page five page six
  Volume 2 No.36 -- June 7th, 1945 : page one, page two, page three, page four page five page six
  Volume 2 No.37 -- June 14th, 1945 : page one, page two, page three, page four page five page six
  Volume 2 No.41-- July 12, 1945: page one, page two, page three, page fourpage fivepage six
  Volume 2 No.44--August 2, 1945: page one, page two, page three, page four
  Volume 2 No.45 -- August 9th, 1945 : page one, page two, page six
  Photo edition -- 1945: page one, page two, page three, page four
More info on Robert K. Waldron - editor of Yankee Boomer

  The Military Railway Service Journal: The M.R.S journal is a reminiscing magazine ,published bi-monthly for members of the U.S. Army Military Railway service who served on 18 countries during World War II and the Korean Conflict.
  Vol. 5 No.5 -- July 1958:  cover, page 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15
  I also have copies of Vol. 5 no. 1,2,3,4,6 (1958)
Illinois Central Historical Society webpage
National Railroad Museum - Green Bay, WI webpage
The Army Heritage and Education Center  webpage


More on the Claiborne-Polk Military Railroad

Military Rails Online Railfan website

World War II Railway Operating Battalions - slide show

Ft. Eustis Korean Rail  Here

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