Hayden Cemeteries

Graves Cemetery Duxbury VT
pg. 23, Mary A. Hayden d-Sept 13, 1908 age 75yrs 9mo
Roswell W. Hayden d- Sept 12, 1888, age 78yrs 6mo
Abigail M. Hayden d/o R. W. & A. Hayden d- April 21, 1848, age 9yrs
next lot, Newton R. Hayden d- June 15, 1895, age 66yrs

pg. 28 Graves Cemetery
Alonzo Hayden 1813-1876
Sarah Hayden 1817-1868
Lotisa M. Hayden 1836-1878
James B. Hayden 1844- 1866
James B. Hayden s/o Alonzo & L. M. Hayden d- Jan 17, 1875, age 4yrs 6mo
Ira Alonzo Hayden s/o Alonzo & L. M. Hayden d-Jan 17, 1875, age 1yr 5mo
next lot, Martin V. B. Hayden 1842-1923
Melissa A. Hayden 1843-1923
Lucy H. Green 1875- 1934
next lot Roy C. Davis 1892-1976
Nancy Davis 1896-1983

Landon - Hayden Cemetery, AKA Scrabble Hill Cemetery Duxbury, VT
pg. 87, Aruthusa Hayden wife of R. W. Hayden d- probably 1861, age 64yrs 4mo, stone is broken
Samuel W. Hayden s/o R. W. & A. Hayden d- Feb 18, 1850, age 23yrs
Marker with D. M.

Holy Cross Cemetery Duxbury VT
pg. 60, Scott E. Slayton, Father, 1892-1973
wife Ruth Hayden 1895-1984

pg. 120, Fairmont Cemetery, AKA Hazelton Cemetery, Moretown VT
Josie M. Hayden 1867-1935