Munselle / Munsell Family Research

FAQ's -Frequently Asked Questions

If you are just beginning your search on the Munselle / Munsell family tree these FAQ's might help you get started ! Thanks Nancy Cunningham and Nancy West.

1.) I'm just getting started do you know where I can get pedigree charts and family group sheets to start recording my family information ? Click on the links and you will open a copy in .pdf (Adobe). More free stuff can be found here ! another place to get help getting started and Cyndi's List.and Family

2.) I'm on my way to a family reunion what questions should I ask ? 

3.) I was thinking of buying some genealogy software what do you recommend ?

We all have our favorites and I operate 5 different programs all of the time,  I use each one for different reasons and they help me produce different products. Here is a great article comparing some of the favorites. Article 1- Article 2

4.) What are our favorite or "Top Ten" best (free) sites on the internet for beginning my genealogical search ?

Family Search -Church of Latter Day Saints


Census Online

My trees

Cyndi's List

American Family Immigration ( Ellis island)

Find a Grave





 5.) I am related to (or descended from) a Munsell / Munselle how can I find out how I am connected ? We have created a web site that contains many of the known Munsell (e) family web pages and gedcoms and message boards.

6.) How do I get in touch with other Munsell (e ) family researchers ?

6.) Who is Thomas Munsell the immigrant ancestor ?

Thomas MUNSELL was born about 1640 in England. He was on record as a resident of New London, New London County, Connecticut, in 1681. He married Lydia WAY after 20 October 1675 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. Thomas died in New London in 1712. Most MUNSELL(E)s in the United States are descended from their eight children.

7.) Who was Lydia Way ?

Lydia WAY was the wife of Thomas MUNSELL, our Immigrant Ancestor. She was born about 1652 in England. Lydia was the daughter of George WAY and Elizabeth SMITH of Providence, Rhode Island. Lydia died tragically after falling into a well at the age of 80. She died on 7 December, 1732 in New London, New London County, Connecticut.