#15 Built: 1860 Closed: 1909


Location: East of Park St. and north of the canal. (Log pond was south of canal.)

Owners: A. T. Nichols & Co. 1-2-60 - 6-3-64 (Co. is Chas. Gibson , and R. M. Foresman) Vacant land bought from P. Herdic and previously owned by F. C. Campbell.

(John) Slonacher & (Daniel) Smith 6-3-64 - 11-1-66Brown, Early & Co.* 11- -66 - 1881/83

(Stephen) Brown, (Timothy) Clark & (David A.) Howe 1881/83

Brown, Early & Co. was originally Henry, James V. and Stephen Brown land for a short time about 1873 Orange S. Brown. Henry Early was replaced about 1880 by Charles R. Early. Co. in 1870 was C. M. Marvin of Alfred Center, N.Y. and 1873 F. R. Weed. By 1877 Weed had left. David A. Howe was from Wellsville, N. Y. - a few miles from Alfred. The City Directory of 1883 gives Brown, Clark & Howe. However, first deed to Howe not until 10-29-91 when H. Brown sold his interest to Stephen Brown, T. Clark, and Howe. .

Comments: 1878 reported cutting 75,000 ft/day. By 1880 the mill had a circular sawdust burner, the only one in Williamsport. Most mills burned all their saw dust and wood chips for steam to run their steam engine. In 1897reported 125,000 ft capacity, 6O'xI25' with 350 horsepower and 72 men. t It has a band saw, circular saw, gang saw, trimmer and edger. One of the biggest mills. Photo on page 53.

Subsequent land use: Spencer Heater Co. Derelict 1895.north of Rd Ry, South of RR

Thanks to Williamsport Lumber Capitol by Thomas Taber and personal resaerch by Nancy Cunningham

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