Name: Daniel Smith Mills: #5 & 15

Origin: Born 1826 in Maine

Lumber companies involved with: Slonacker & (Daniel) Smith, later Slonacker, (Daniel) Smith & Co (Co. is Edgar Munson, Chas. B. & Wm. Howard) 1860s- 73 (#5). Sionacker Smith & Co. listed 1867-1871 as lumber dealers, but are shown on 1873 atlas map as having the saw mill. Also owned mill #15 east side of Park St. 1864-66 when sold to Brown, Early & Co.

Subsequent career: Died or left area

Name: Henry B. Smith Mill: #23

Origin: Born 1828 in Maine

Lumber companies involved with: Smith, (GabrieI S.) Post &Co. (Co. is Geo. M. Rogers) had two saw mills at Hepburn St, the Beaver Mills complex. Bought from Ensworth. They lumbered in Clearfield County, huge operation. Sold their Hepburn mills 12-14&21-1875 to Beaver Mills & Lbr. Co. and much land in Cameron & Clearfield Counties. Beaver Mills comprised of Wm. H. Armstrong, Wmpt, Edmund Blanchard, Bellefonte, and Thomas McCauley, Altoona, H. B. Smith and Geo. B. Rogers of Wmpt. Home: 202 W. 4th St. (old number system)

Subsequent career: Listed in City Directory as lumberman (whatever than means). Death: Unknown

Sources of information: City Directory, deeds

Name: Isaac Smith Mill: #32

Origin: Born 1800 and came from Maine

Lumber companies involved with: Smith & (Wm.) Woodman, ran a saw mill 1848-50 on property of S. B. Linnard at Bull Run.

Death: 1850

Sources of information: Map, deed

Information thanks to Williamsport Lumber Capitol by Thomas T. Taber III and personal research.



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