#23 Beaver Mill Built: 1854 Destroyed: 1889

Location: Foot of Hepburn St. on the west side. at the chute. The half adjacent to the river water water powered and owned by Taylor. The north half was a steam mill and owned by others. Owners: Wm. Ballard and J. Sampson bought vacant land 4-10-54 from J. Cameron. Cameron had bought it from Updegraff and Armstrong between 1848and 1852.

Wm. Bronson bought vacant land from James Ransom in 1853.

Joseph Sampson. Wm. W. Ballard & Jervis Langdon sold land to Herdic & Bronson on 4-11-54 for water mill. Herdic sold an interest in the land to Wm. Bronson in 6-2-54.

From about 1854 to 1858 Loren Ensworth. Bronson. (Benj. H.)Taylor.

Henry Brooks. and David H. Tuthill owned the property which included a saw mill built 1854 at foot of Hepburn St. property on west side of Hepburn St. extending to the canal. a mill race along the Susquehanna about 2000 ft.. In the 1-13-58 partition Taylor. Brooks & Tuthill got the mill and property at the canal (for storing and shipping lumber and half ownership of the mill race. Bronson and Ensworth got the land to the west of Hepburn St. and half the mill race and also use of the mill.

Taylor & Ensworth 1-30-58 - 1861 (part water powered) Henry

Brooks and David H. Tuthill of Elmira were silent partners buying part of Bronson's interest.. B.H. Taylor maintained partial ownership until1884 when turned over to his son. Wm. Bronson sells his final portion of ownership to Ensworth 1-12-59.

L.A.Ensworth & Co. (Co. is G. S. Post)I861 1867 (Ensworth died) (H.E.

Taylor had partial ownership), G. Bedell Moore partner 1866-67?)

Ensworth estate sold to Henry B. Smith. G. S. Post and Goo. W. Rogers 4-24-68. Smith. Rogers, Armstrong & Blanchard sold to B. H. Taylor & Co. on 4-27-74. B. H. Taylor & Son (S. Mack Taylor) (south half) 1868 -

(G.S.) Post (Henry B.) Smith & Co. (4-24-68 - 12-14-75**&12-21-75 Co. was M. Rogers.

Smith sold his interest to Post 10-31-71.

Beaver Mills & Lbr. Co.* 12-14-75 and 12-21-75 - 1878

Barrows & Co. 1873/74 - 1877 (leased) (Co. was Eugene R. Payne)

Houtz & Herdic 10-6-1875 - 1878

Chas. J. Langdon sold his share to John Arnot 6-22-86 who sold it to Deemer 1-14-88. No deed mention of previous owner to Langdon. No recorded deeds to C.J. Langdon. Probably Jervis Langdon's (father?) unsold interest.. Steam mill not operated 1886 Rebuilt and enlarged by, Deemer in 1886.

Strong. Deemer & Co (north half) 1-14-88 - 6-1889 when destroyed byfl ood. B. D. Green & A. W. Curtis listed 1879 in newspaper as operating the Beaver Mills Weymouth. Byers & Co. 1883 - 1884 leased S. Mack Taylor (south half) 1884 - 6-1889 destroyed by flood.

*Beaver Mills & Lbr. Co owned by Peter Herdic, Edmund Blanchard of Bellefonte, Wm. H. Armstrong. Bought mill/land from Post

** The 12-14-75 sale sold all property of G.S.Post, who had largely gotten it from L. Ensworth, for $104,000 which included the mill, land adjacent to White, Lentz & White, land east of Hepburn St., etc. Comment: This mill was a double mill. The south half was originally water powered and owned for many years by B.H. Taylor & Son. The north half was steam and in the late was owned by Strong Deemer & Co. Many different persons had partial share of ownership as is evident from above deed transactions. When it ever was completely owned by one person is unknown, if ever. The Hepburn Street dam was completed in January1868. B. H. Taylor's half of the mill always water powered. as long as they owned it. In 1875 it had 4 gang saws and a mulay. Esarly picture on page 5. The company had a large planning mill nearby. Subsequent land use: Junk yard., beltway, dike24 Built: 1860 Closed: prior 1873Location: West of Grafius Run 1/8 mile (if Railway St. extended to the river, it was a short ways west of that street. Owners: (Wm) McCann and (Richard C.) Paris 4-17-60 - ? (Vacant land bought from Thomas Smith by Paris. )Eagle Shingle Mill prior 1873 map - 1880s

Comment: Land stretched between canal and river. No deeds to a McCann. No deeds of sale by a Paris. Mill shows on 1861 map. No deeds of sale by McCann or Paris, but shows on 1873 map as a shingle mill.


Thanks to Williamsport Lumber Capitol by Thomas Taber


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