Descendants of

Stephen Deveroux -Smith

Generation No. 1

STEPHEN J. DEVEROUX- SMITH died May 16, 1845 and he is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Delaware Co., NY. He married LYDIA HUDSON. After his death she remarried William Hughes of Licking Co., OH and she died November 20, 1857. They moved to Ohio from Genesee Co. NY

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Children of Stephen J. Smith and Lydia Hudson are :

i. BETSY ELIZABETH SMITH, b. April 17, 1820, Genesee County, New York

ii. LUCINDA SMITH, b. July 09, 1822Genesee County, New York

iii. SARAH ANN SMITH, b. November 24, 1824 ,Genesee County, New York

iv. HULDIA SMITH, b. April 06, 1826 , Genesee County, New York

v. DAVID SMITH, b. November 1828 , Genesee County, New York  [ Died 1844 ]

vi. PHYDELIA SMITH, b. September 19, 1830 Genesee County, New York

vii. HELEN MARS SMITH, b. March 24, 1832, Genesee County, New York

viii. RUTH SMITH, b. March 24, 1835, Genesee County, New York

ix. SILVIA SMITH, b. January 11, 1837, Genesee County, New York

x. GEORGE RILEY SMITH, b. October 15, 1840,Genesee County, New York

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Generation No. 2

BETSY ELIZABETH SMITH (STEVEN DEVEROUX1) was born April 17, 1820 in New York, and died . She married NATHANIAL HOYT. He was born 1814 in New York, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Ohio.


1850 Census, Ohio, Licking, Harrison with husband Nathan Hoyt

1860 Census,

1870 Census, Ohio, Huron only Betsy and son Charles listed her as widow

1880 Census, Ohio, Huron living with son Charles and his wife and two children


i. FRANCIS HOYT, b. 1838, New York.

ii. HENRY HOYT, b. 1840, New York.

iii. JANE HOYT, b. 1841, Ohio.

iv. LAURA HOYT, b. 1843, Ohio.

v. LUCY HOYT, b. 1845, Ohio.

vi. CHARLES HOYT, b. 1849, Ohio.

LUCINDA SMITH (STEVEN DEVEROUX1) was born July 09, 1822, and died before 1860. She married GEORGE LEVINGS about 1840 in Genesee Co., NY. It is believed that she died about 1858 in Delaware Co., OH. He then married Henrietta Willmoth in November 26, 1859.

There is record of her being committed to Ohio State Lunatic Hospital .Columbus State Hospital.doc


"Lucinda Levings - husband George and Dr. Welch testified that she had been a patient at the Ohio Lunatic Hospital some 7 years, was discharged and said to be cured.  But for the past 9 months has been insane again.  March 25, 1857."


George Levings affidavit *** Dr. Calvin Welch affidavit *** affidavit #2


i. STEPHEN LEVINGS, b. October 28, 1840, New York; d. June 05, 1918, Fairview, Major, Oklahoma.

ii. LYDIA LEVINGS, b. 1843, Ohio; d. 1918, Delaware County, Ohio.

iii. DELIA LEVINGS, b. 1848, Ohio.

iv. ALICE LEVINGS, b. 1852, Ohio.

v. FRANKLIN FRANCIS LEVINGS, b. May 24, 1856, Ohio; d. January 22, 1941, Delaware, Delaware, Ohio.

vi. GEORGE RILEY LEVINGS, b. 1858, Ohio; m. CLARISSA LUKE; b. 1862; d. December 31, 1927, Delaware County, Ohio.

More on this family can be found in : " Some descendents of George R. Levings b. 1814." posted by Dr Fawn on Levings Family Genealogy Forum

PHYDELIA SMITH (STEVEN DEVEROUX1) was born September 19, 1830 in Genesee County, New York, and died in Ks ?  She married LORENZO DOW MUNSELL 1848 in Jefferson, Il, son of THOMAS MUNSELL and MARY FINNEL. He was born January 01, 1828 in Licking, Oh, and died April 13, 1907 in Richland Springs, San Saba, TX. They divorced July 20, 1869.  Transcript of divorce decree

LD Burial: April 1907, Richland Springs Cemetery, San Saba County, Texas


 i. THOMAS TILLOTSON MUNSELL, b. March 04, 1849, Licking, Oh; d. July 29, 1923, San Saba, San Saba, TX.

 ii. MARY A MUNSELL, b. 1852, Licking, Oh; d. October 23, 1923 Portland OR.

 iii. JOHN RALEIGH MUNSELL, b. November 23, 1854, Licking, Oh; d. April 11, 1930, Mt Vernon, Jefferson, Il.

 iv. LUNA ALICE MUNSELL  b. 1860, IL; d. 1876.

 v. WILLIAM ALEXANDER MUNSELL, b. August 22, 1861, Mt Vernon, Jefferson, Il; d. October 06, 1942,Bangs, Brown, TX.

 vi. JAMES LAWRENCE MUNSELL, b. 1864, Mt Vernon, Jefferson, Il; d. 1934, Luling, Caldwell, TX.

vii. HARRIET R. MUNSELL, b. 1867, Mt Vernon, Jefferson, Il; d. 1884; m. JOHN FRANKLIN BROOKMAN,1884.

HELEN MARS SMITH (STEVEN DEVEROUX1) was born March 24, 1832 in Genesee County, New York, and died February 17, 1919 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Ks. She married JUDAH NASH December 03, 1851 in Harrison Twp, Licking, Ohio. He was born March 24, 1830 in Madison County, New York, and died August 18, 1886 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Ks.

Judah Nash Obit Helen Mars Nash Obit

Burial: August 1886, Baxter Springs Cemetery, Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Ks

Children of HELEN SMITH and JUDAH NASH are:

18. i. WILLIAM RILEY NASH, b. September 15, 1852, Licking County, Ohio; d. December 25, 1931, Commerce, Ottawa, Oklahoma.

19. ii. ALBERT ROSELLE NASH, b. July 27, 1855, Mechanicsburg, Ohio; d. July 25, 1934, Faulkner, Cherokee, Ks.

20. iii. CHARLES FRANK NASH, b. 1860, Mechanicsburg, Champaign, Ohio; d. 1945, Could be Vinita, Oklahoma.

21. iv. HELEN RETTA "LUETTA" NASH, b. August 1863, Mechanicsburg, Champaign, Ohio; d. August 28, 1913,San Luis Obispo County, Ca.

v. SARAH DORA NASH, b. September 19, 1866, Mechanicsburg, Champaign, Ohio; d. March 19, 1945, Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Ks. Burial: March 1945, Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Ks

22. vi. FRANCES METTA NASH, b. December 17, 1876, Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Ks; d. January 06, 1982, Newhall, Los Angeles, Ca.

RUTH SMITH (STEVEN DEVEROUX1) was born March 24, 1835, and died Deceased. She married (1) WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM. He was born 1828 in Ohio, and died Bet. 1869 - 1870 in Crawford County, Illinois. She married (2) SEYMOUR A SILER. He was born 1820 in Ohio, and died Bet. 1880 - 1900 in Crawford County, Illinois.


23. i. JAMES CUNNINGHAM, b. Abt. 1858, Crawford County, Illinois.

ii. JOHN O CUNNINGHAM, b. Abt. 1860, Illinois; m. LOUISA UNKNOWN.

iii. GEORGE A CUNNINGHAM, b. 1862, Crawford County, Illinois.

iv. SAMUEL E CUNNINGHAM, b. Abt. February 1864, Illinois; m. EVA UNKNOWN.

v. FRANKLIN M CUNNINGHAM, b. 1866, Crawford County, Illinois.

vi. FREDERICK W CUNNINGHAM, b. 1869, Crawford County, Illinois.

Children of RUTH SMITH and SEYMOUR SILER are:

vii. LILY SILER, b. 1877, Crawford County, Illinois; m. WILLIAM A HARBISON; b. 1876, Ilinois.

viii. ARTHUR P SILER, b. 1878, Crawford County, Illinois; d. October 05, 1941, Centralia, Marion, Illinois; m. MYRTLE JONES; b. 1890, Illinois.


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Stephen Deveroux -Smith family researchers are :
Nancy Cunningham : descendent of Phydelia Smith & Lorenzo Dow Munselle
Pat Jobski : descendent of Judah Nash & Helen Smith
Wayne Nash: Wayne is an extremely knowledgeable descendent of the Judah Nash & Helen Smith family and is the author of 3 Nash family books.