Jack L.C. Schneider

This is a nice email I rcvd from his son!

Hello Nancy,

Just came across your web site... what a great tribute to VJ-13! My father, Jack L.C. Schneider, was attached to Utility Squadron 13 during the time period your copy of the Odyssey covers. Dad passed away about three weeks ago and in going through his things I came across his copy of the same cruise book and decided to do a little research on-line... and there you were.

He often spoke about VJ-13 and I have spent many childhood hours looking through the "Odyssey". I always got a kick out of the photos (and dad's stories) of Neby, the "mascot" bear cub. We have a beautiful wood carving of Neby with a memorial plaque that I'm in the process of restoring... don't know how it ended up with dad, but it's been around all my life. Dad stayed in the Navy for 30 years and retired in 1971 as a Lt. Commander.

Dad had been in contact over the past few years with another VJ-13 alumnus, Vernie Joe Burns. I will contact Mr. Burns with your web site URL... I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing it.

Thanks so much for your fine tribute to Utility Squadron 13,

Carl Schneider
El Cajon, CA