Vernie J. Burns

Photo of me while in Samar attached.

Burns, Vernie J., Y3c, a member of  VJ 13.  I reported for duty 9 Feb. 1944, and worked in the personnel office with Olsen, Harold C.,CY, Schneider, Jack L.C.,Y1c, and Motsch, Marvin N., Y3c. One 0f my duties was to type the Squadron personnel roster each month.  After leaving the Navy April 1946, I returned to my hometown,  Gadsden, Al. and still live in the same area.

          The last 5 years, Jack Schneider and I have been in contact by E-mail and phone.  He stayed in the Navy and retired in Aug 1971 as Lt. Commander. After retirement, he lived in San Diego, Ca. and passed away 23 Aug. 2004.

           Allred, Hoyt E., AOM3c lived in Gadsden, Al.  He and his wife are both deceased.

          Abney, William C., AOM3c, lives in Attalla, Al. near Gadsden, and our paths cross occasionally.  

          The Squadron emblem of the rooster, towing the target and camera under a wing, was originally painted by Palmer, Gene E.,S1c, who was a good artist.  We had decals made of the rooster in different sizes.  I have some, but they are brittle and canít be transferred.  Palmer made a pencil sketch profile of me that I still have.

Vernie also explains in an email how the book came about...


    How and why the Utility Squadron 13 Odyssey book was printed.
    Each squadron was given an allowance of money to be used for welfare and recreation for it's officers and enlisted personnel, and if the funds were not used it would have to be returned when we decommissioned VJ-13.
    When the war was over we were on the island of Samar in the Philippines.  Knowing we were to decommission VJ-13 as soon as we were back in the United States and all of our personnel would be transferred to different Navy bases and be discharged when eligible.
    Lt. Comdr. Goodsell suggested we make the book, and it was decided to have the Odyssey book printed and mailed to each member's home address when completed. Using the recreation money to pay for it, that way each man received his share of the money, and have a memento of our service and tour of duty together.
    Our photographer's had three months to photograph each crew at their workstations and put everything together for the book.
    PS. Lt. Comdr. Goodsell is deceased.
                 Vernie J. Burns