Woodman Family of Newbury, Massachusetts


We are among the many, many descendents of  Lt. Edward Woodman of Corsham, Wiltshire, England who immigrated in 1635 to Newbury, Massachusetts. He and his wife Joanna Salway had 8 children and we are descended through his son Capt. John Woodman.

Please look at each family group that I am researching !

The Gothic Bath House- Corsham Court


Name Birthdate Spouse

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Edward Woodman 1606 Joanna Salway

Capt. John Woodman 1634 Mary Field

Jonathan Woodman 1665 Elizabeth Downing

Joshua Woodman 1703 Elizabeth Doe

Capt. Joshua Woodman 1736 Lois Woodman

Elsie Woodman 1762 Benjamin Smith


Burke's Arms for Woodman:
"Woodman - Ar. a chev. sable betw. three escallops gu.
Crest - a buck's head erased ppr."

Crozier's Arms for Woodman (the same thing as described above with fewer abbreviations):
"Woodman - MA, Edward Woodman, Newbury, 1635. (Wiltshire)
Argent, a chevron sable between three escallops gules.
Crest - A buck's head erased proper."

This translates to:
Silver background (Argent).
A black (sable) chevron between three red (gules) scallop shells.
The crest is a buck's head torn from its body (erased) in its proper coloring (proper).



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